The FIB Predator is a Predator sports car modified as a chase car for the FIB (Federal Institution of Bureaucracy) in Grand Theft Auto V.



The FIB Predator, same to the LCPD, has access to the Police Database. The Predator cannot however listen to any radio stations in the game, same as the LCPD and NOOSE cars. It has a very strong engine similiar to the Predator sports car with a top speed of 800MPH.

The FIB Predator appears in several missions in GTA V with LCPD and NOOSE tactical teams deployed to control any civilian violence or crimes. It has a very important role in the mission "Spanish Holiday", where they are tasked to chase the people organised with the Spanish President, Rico Suarez, and his kidnapping.

Appearences in MissionsEdit

Grand Theft Auto VEdit
  • Downfall
  • Spanish Holiday
  • Liberty's Night